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Compliance & Formulary Reports

This page lists all of the available Compliance reports for VativoRx, LLC. They are sorted by state with the most recent reports appearing first.

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StatePeriodDescriptionAccess Document
GA May-August 2022 Claims processed during this period VATIVORX_GA_NADAC_ComplianceReport_May-Aug_2022.xlsx
GA January-April 2022 Claims processed during this period VATIVORX_GA_NADAC_ComplianceReport_Jan-Apr_2022.xlsx
GASeptember-December 2021Claims processed during this periodVATIVORX_GA_NADAC_ComplianceReport_Sep-Dec_2021.xlsx
GAMarch-August 2021Claims processed during this periodVATIVORX_GA_NADAC_ComplianceReport_May-Aug_2021.xlsx
GAJanuary-April 2021Claims processed during this periodVATIVORX_GA_NADAC_ComplianceReport_Jan-Apr_2021.xlsx

The Impact Plus drug list is shown below. The formulary is the list of drugs included in your prescription plan. Inclusion does not guarantee coverage. The following list is not a complete list of products that are on the formulary.

2022 Impact Plus Formulary List