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Managing rebate programs for the prescription benefits you offer can be a big headache. VativoRx can take that headache away and ensure that you are maximizing your expense offset through efficient and reliable rebate management.

Why do you need to track rebates closely and in the timeliest manner possible? For many small to medium businesses, rebates can make up a large part of your positive cash flow and ultimately reduce the total spend on pharmacy. Rebate management can’t be left to chance.

To manage rebates properly, you have two choices: Build your own Manufacture contracts and negotiate directly with Pharma to get rebates leveraging your own volume and buying power and develop your own software to manage the submission and collection process, or work with a trusted partner that has established Manufacture contracts leveraging a significant volume of buying power to enhance negotiating leverage and collections and maximizing every rebate dollar available to you as well as utilizing their own proprietary software to manage the entire process

For an increasing number of companies, the choice of who to trust for rebate management is VativoRx.

Why you need rebate management for your prescription benefits and health benefits programs

With ever-increasing medication costs, maximizing the value of your prescription benefit plan is vital to your business health and the health of your customers. We offer a comprehensive suite of management tools and expertise to help you meet and exceed your financial, operational and clinical performance goals.

More than half of specialty drugs are administered by physicians. There are more than 100 injectable medications that currently offer rebates, inconsistently captured by eligible organizations. Physician-administered drugs are usually paid under major medical, not under pharmacy benefits.

If you’re counting on those rebates being captured automatically as part of your pharmacy benefits program, you could be missing out.

VativoRx Rebate Management assures that you will receive the maximum dollar amount from medicine rebates

VativoRx Rebate Management is an assertive and proactive program that captures rebates that may have fallen through the cracks previously. Our experienced team negotiates and delivers rebates that substantially improve your organization’s financial performance.

This is great for your bottom line, and it’s great for your members, who can benefit from overall cost savings that are passed on.

VativoRx Rebate Management is already working for companies and organizations like yours

VativoRx is the first choice for rebate management for a wide range of industries and healthcare markets, including:

  • Hospitals
  • Long-term care facilities
  • Hospice providers
  • Government healthcare programs
  • Commercial, group and mental health facilities
  • Workers’ compensation plans
  • Managed care plans
  • Third-party administrators
  • Ambulatory pharmacy
  • Specialty pharmacies
  • Discount card programs
  • Correctional facilities

VativoRx is ready to help you start reclaiming the rebates you’re missing

How much can you earn back on your pharmacy spending? Let’s talk. Schedule a phone consultation with one of our rebate experts by calling toll free on 888-488-5750 or by email at