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VativoRx’s mobile interface provides your members with useful tools and information that simplify their participation in managing their health through their prescription benefits. As members establish their profiles and identify themselves as eligible, they are empowered to take control of managing the cost of their therapy.

The convenience and flexibility of our mobile app enables members to:

  • Locate pharmacies in a specified area–ZIP code search or current location, with the option to return only in-network pharmacies.
  • View detailed drug information (e.g., generic alternatives, warnings, side effects).
  • Review their prescription history in detail and retrieve current claims in date order as specified by the user, including drug name, date filled, pharmacy name, and the amount paid.
  • Perform price comparisons and identify lower cost generics using the trial transaction functionality.
  • Refill prescriptions by voice
  • The key features of our mobile app provide members with easy access to meaningful, individualized data. Members can personalize their information using the following functions:

My Meds Journal

Helps members organize not only their prescriptions but also any OTC medications and vitamins taken on a regular basis. The data stored in My Meds Journal provides complete medication information that can be shared with the member’s healthcare provider and other caregivers. My Meds Journal can be used in conjunction with Take-My-Meds. 


Allows members to update or add medication and usage information and set medication reminders. Notifications are available to alert the member when it is time to refill a medication or contact their physician and obtain a new prescription. The message notification function is used to alert the member when it is time to take a medication. The notification includes the medication name (can be hidden in notifications) and dosage.

My Message Queue

Displays email-like messages with timely, actionable information to keep members on track from a cost and quality perspective. Our dependable mobile app provides personalized results stored in a single location for easy retrieval. Members gain the insight and knowledge required to take control of their health through access to information that encourages adherence and cost-effective choices.

Price and Save

An online drug pricing tool that helps members identify lower cost medications and participating pharmacies. When a member searches for a brand name medication, the tool automatically identifies a lower cost generic equivalent medication when available. The tool then performs trial adjudication against the member’s actual benefit plan, providing a true price comparison against the originally selected drug (retail and mail pricing) and providing the member with proven savings opportunities. Members are encouraged to share this information with their prescriber to identify the best option for them; the list can be viewed directly on a mobile device or printed from the website.

My Contacts

Allows the user to store contact numbers of their primary healthcare providers and caregivers (e.g., doctor, orthodontist, dentist, authorized family members, etc.). My Contacts provides important information at the user’s fingertips and enables the sharing of this information with emergency personnel and other providers. Contact information is conveniently extracted from the claims system and other portions of the application. This automated process efficiently captures the pharmacy or provider contact information which is then stored and made available in the patient’s profile or the My Meds Journal.

Electronic ID Cards

These can be used on the mobile app at a retail pharmacy. The electronic ID card includes information necessary for claim processing such as the member’s name, BIN number, Processor Control Number, and group, issuer, and ID numbers. Members with an iPhone can view a digital pharmacy ID card in Apple’s Passbook.

Mail Order

The mobile app supports VativoRx’s proprietary home delivery pharmacy services. Members can register for home delivery, set up auto refill and auto renewal, request prescription refills, view prescription shipping history, and more. The app allows members to add, update, or delete payment information, add an alternate shipping address, and add drug allergy indications and medical conditions. All of this functionality helps members manage home delivery prescriptions while on-the-go.

In addition, when members visit their prescribers, they can easily share their prescription history, formulary, and plan design information so that the most effective, low-cost medications are prescribed, thereby reducing the triggering of prior authorizations or claims denials. Such information sharing can impact formulary-compliant prescribing and best practices at a member level, while supporting other prescriber initiatives.

Manage My Family

In addition to cardholders and spouses being able to view minor dependent information, spouses can use the app to view and manage each other’s prescriptions information. Adult dependents can also opt to have parents view and manage their prescriptions information.

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