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member portal

member portal

Ask your employer for access to the VativoRx member portal.

Our Member Portal provides access to general drug information, corporate communications, and related industry news.  It includes resources such as frequently asked questions (FAQs), contact information, and a self-service section with appropriate forms, as well as convenient access to support the following functions:

Cost Review

With easy-to-follow screens, members search for products and determine co-pay amounts from retail, mail order or specialty pharmacies. The website performs transactions in real time, against the actual pharmacy claims processing system employed so members receive the most accurate responses possible. The website also displays generic pricing differences for the member to determine the greatest savings.

Medication History

Members can view their medication history as well as that of their dependents and, with consent, other family members. Medication history can be filtered by a specific time frame. Configurable Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliant filters make it possible to set dependent age ranges and exclusions. Members can print medication history to bring to a doctor’s visit or attach the medication history to a year-end benefits statement.

Pharmacy Locator

The Pharmacy Locator finds participating pharmacies in a member’s local area, provides a map, and supports searches for 24-hour pharmacies. Members can perform searches by address or ZIP Code and can locate pharmacies within a 25-mile radius.

Recent Pharmacy Listing

The recent pharmacy listing provides members with a table of the four most recent pharmacies where the member filled prescriptions. The table is displayed above the Pharmacy Locator listing and allows the member a quick reference of frequently used pharmacies.

Preferred Pharmacies

Preferred or in-house pharmacies can be flagged and/or returned first in searches to promote utilization of the identified pharmacies.

Drug Data

The drug data feature enables members to search the drug database for detailed drug information such as brand name, generic name, generic equivalents, and drug monographs, including interaction alerts, instructions for storage, and missed dose information. Drug monographs are displayed at an eighth-grade reading level and can be provided in gender-specific format, if available.

My Meds Journal

Meds Journal is a practical, online, personal medication notebook that can be used to create a drug product list with attributes such as dosage form and strength and editable fields for notes and usage. Information automatically uploads from the member’s Medication History. Members can print or download the journal to share information with physicians or assist with pill-schedule management. Members can also download medication history into an Excel file to use as an import for other applications or to create their own medication records.

My Contacts

My Contacts serves as an online personal phone book of care professionals. Editable fields allow members to add contacts, addresses, phone numbers, and notes. Physician and pharmacist names can be entered manually, through a search, or copied from Medication History. In addition, members can store health club information, or family emergency contacts. The phone book can be printed or downloaded.

Prior Authorization Request

Members whose plans use our prior authorization tool can view the status of their prior authorization (PA), the date of the PA, PA number, product, prescriber, and pharmacy. Members can also download and print the material to use at doctor’s visits.

Prior Authorization History

Members can view their PA history, which provides the PA number, product ID, product name, and the beginning and end date of the PA. Members may also download and print the material to use at doctor’s visits.

ID Cards

Members can print temporary ID cards through the member website. The ID card will include the member’s name, Bin, PCN, group, issuer and ID. Members can also request a new card via the website.

Mail Order

Members registered with VativoRx’s home delivery pharmacy enjoy the ease of ordering their medications online and having them delivered to their home or other specified location.

Targeted Content

General content can be displayed to all members, while plan-specific content such as benefits information can be restricted to members in your plan. We can communicate targeted messages across your membership, and support your graphics and provide for file downloads and links.