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Pharmacy Bulletin 08-11-21

Pharmacy Bulletin 08-11-21

We share important prescription drug information to help you stay informed about updates concerning particular prescription medicines.

VativoRx Bottle update

KVK Tech – Recall of atovaquone oral suspension

KVK Tech announced a voluntary, consumer-level recall of two lots of atovaquone oral suspension due to prolonged exposure to extremely cold weather during shipment. August 6, 2021

Grifols – Withdrawal of Gamunex-C® (immune globulin [human])

Grifols Therapeutics announced a voluntary, consumer-level withdrawal of several lots of Gamunex-C (immune globulin [human]) injection due to a higher rate of allergic/hypersensitivity type reactions, a small number of which were considered medically significant. August 6, 2021