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That’s a wrap! VativoRx on TV

We have some great news about VativoRx.

For the past year, we’ve been working with an independent video producer to create and air a short-form video segment about how PBMs can do better. Today we can reveal two more details about that partnership:

  • The video will begin airing on PBS stations in the United States in April
  • The video was produced as a segment of Viewpoint Project with Dennis Quaid.

And, starting today, as a visitor to the website, you can see the segment in full right here:

Viewpoint Project with Dennis Quaid specializes in short-form Public Television stories.  Each story highlights specific industries and topics around the world. The show highlights industry professionals and groundbreaking organizations as featured content providers.

Viewpoint Project with Dennis Quaid is created solely for viewing on Public Television stations across the US. Public Television stations receive content from organizations like NETA (National Educational Telecommunications Alliance), from locally produced material and from smaller organizations, such as “Viewpoint Project.” Viewpoint Project with Dennis Quaid operates independently and provides content to Public Television partners by way of satellite uplink.

Viewpoint episodes run as short-form segments between longer programming, generally ranging from three-to-six minutes.

We’re proud to participate in this educational project. 

Martin Shields / Alamy Stock Photo

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